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Type Output voltage
ZI-1 5V DC 10A
ZI-2 12V DC 4A
ZI-3 18V DC 3A
ZI-4 24V DC 2A
ZI-5 15V DC 3,3A
ZI-6 48V DC 1A

When congestion occurs long-term loss of voltage at the output due to fuse thermal actuation inside the stabilizer. When cool the power supply will cool automatically returns to work.


Technical data

input voltage 230 V ± 10% AC
output power 12W
current limitation l max = 110% of output current
working temperature -10÷60°C
current ripple <3mV RMS
connection screw terminals 2,5mm²
dimensions 6 modules (105mm)
weight 550g
fixing on rail TH-35

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