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Type Input voltage
Output voltage
Output current
ZI-11 8÷28V AC / 12÷37V DC 5V DC 3A
ZI-12 12÷28V AC / 16÷37V DC 12V DC 3A
ZI-13 18÷28V AC / 22÷37V DC 18V DC 3A
ZI-14 24÷28V AC / 28÷37V DC 24V DC 3A

The input terminals can be connected nap. alternating or constant (pulse or filtered). Due to the high frequency converter, some very sensitive radio or microprocessor can operate correctly. It is recommended that you install an additional filter (consisting of a choke current compensated for inductance 2× 5÷15mH and a capacitor C= 0.33÷1μF) between power supply and receiver. With increasing load above Imax will stabilize the AC current, output voltage will decrease. When the power supply output terminals operates at a frequency around 1.5 kHz, which is manifested as a clear noise.


Technical data

input voltage 10÷28V AC
output current 3A
power limitation lmax= 110% of output current
minimum load 0%
working temperature -10÷40°C
connection screw terminals 2,5mm²
dimensions 3 modules (52,5mm)
weight 150g
fixing on rail TH-35mm

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