Specifications Power supply
Voltage range: Self-powered model: 180 ... 285 VAC (Line-Neutral) - Auxiliary power supply (AUX) model: 85 ... 265 VAC
Max consumption (per phase): 3,5 VA - 1W
Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Voltage inputs
Voltage range: Self-powered model: 3x180/310 ... 3x285/495 VAC
Auxiliary power supply (AUX) model: 3x10/17 ... 3x285/495 VAC

Current inputs
Maximum value: A) 1/5A CT model: 6A
B) 80A model: 80A
C) Rogowski model: 4 selectable scales, 70/500/3000/25000A

Typical accuracy
Voltage: ±0.2% reading, 10% fs...fs
Current: ±0.4% reading, 5% fs...fs
Power: ±0.5% reading ±0.1% fs (PF=1)
Frequency: ±0.1% reading ±1 digit from 45 to 65 Hz
Active energy class 1 according to: IEC/EN 62053-21
Reactive energy class 2 according to: IEC/EN 62053-23

Display & keyboard
Display: Backlighted LCD, 43x29 mm
3 rows, 4 digits + symbols
Keyboard: 3 front buttons + 1 protected button

Communication ports
Type: RS485 optoisolated, on request
LAN on request, RJ-45 connector
Protocols: MODBUS RTU/ASCII in case of RS485 port
HTTP, NTP, DHCP, MODBUS TCP in case of LAN port
Baud rate: 300 a 57600 bps in case of RS485 port
10/100 Mbps in case of LAN port

Digital output/s (DO)
Type: Type: 2 optoisolated (50V-100mACA-CC)

Wire diameter for terminals
Measuring terminals (A & V): A) 1/5A CT model: 1,5 ... 6 mm2
B) 80A model: 1,5 ... 35 mm2
C) Rogowski model: 1,5 ... 6 mm2
Terminals for digital output, digital/AUX input, RS485 port: 0,14 ... 2,5 mm2

Size & weight
LxHxP, W: 72x90x65 mm, max 436 g

Environmental conditions
Mechanical environmental: M1
Electromagnetic environmental: E2
Operating temperature: tra -25°C e +55°C
Storage temperature: tra -25°C e +75°C
Humidity (without condensation): max 80%
Sinusoidal vibration amplitude: 50 Hz ±0,075 mm
Protection degree - frontal part (granted only in case of installation in a cabinet with at least IP51 protection degree): IP51
Protection degree - terminals: IP20

Network analysers

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