Programmable control timers are used to control the work time of devices included into industrial or household automatic systems in compliance with individual time schedule planned by the user.

Time control of devices in domestic or industrial automatic-control device systems according to internal time management program preset by the user. It allows a selection of the superordinate device responsible for seasonal cycles of an automatically controlled system. The timer activates and deactivates a given device to prescheduled dates in the annual cycle. Activation sequence available for a single, selected day of the year.

Technical data

supply 24÷264V AC/DC
current load <16A
contact separated 1C/O
display maintenance time <2h
timer maintenance time <5 weeks
shedule maintenance time 10 years
battery recharge time 30h
indication accuracy item 1sec.
time deviation ±1s/24h
schedule time accuracy item 24h
number of program memory cells 198 storage cells (99 entry pairs: ON/OFF)
power consumption 1,5W
working temperature -20÷50°C
connection screw terminals 2,5mm2
dimensions 2 modules (35mm)
fixing on rail TH-35

Annual type programmable control timer

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