The astronomical timer is used to turn on/off lighting or other electrical receivers in accordance with daily, astronomical points east and west sun.

The astronomical timer on the basis of information about current date, geographic coordinates of the place of its installation (location) and move the terms of hourly Time (Greenwich UT) automatically sets daily,and time l points of turn on/off of timer's contact and be attached in accordance with the sunrises and sunsets.   The time points of the turn on/off can be configured by the user by the hourly and TRANSFERRED CORRECTION OF TIME, ie, it is possible to accelerate or delay programmable points of turn on/off (a separately point ON and point OFF) in relation to the sunrise and sunset. Between the programmable points of the turn on/off it is possible to program night interval, which sets a temporary exemption for savings.

Technical data

supply 24÷264V AC/DC
current load <16A
contact separated 1P
battery 6 years (lithium battery)
display maintenance time   none
the accuracy of the clock 1sec
time error ±1s/24h
accurate setting of time 1min
time deviation ±0÷99min
power consumption 1,5W
working temperature -20÷50°C
connecion screw terminals 2,5mm²
dimensions 2 modules (35mm)
fixing on rail TH-35

Programmable control timer astronomical type

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