The astronomical timer is used to turn on/off lighting or other electrical receivers in accordance with daily, astronomical points east and west sun.

The astronomical timer activates and deactivates a device at certain hour, i.e. at sunrise and sunset. Should more settings that are precise be required for locations of different geographical co-ordinates, there is an option to set a given longitude and latitude or select a special code which entails automatic setting of these co-ordinates for a given place in Europe (list of locations and their codes may be found in the manual). Furthermore, there is an option to shift the preset activation/deactivation time for ±99 min. for sunrise and sunset times separately.

Technical data

supply 24÷264V AC/DC
current load <16A
contact separated 1P
battery 6 years (lithium battery)
time the sustain the display none
accuracy of the clock 1sec
time error ±1s/24h
accurate setting of time 1min
correction of time on/off ±0÷99min
power consumption 1,5W
working temperature -20÷50°C
connecion screw terminals 2,5mm²
dimensions 2 modules (35mm)
fixing on rail TH-35

Programmable control timer astronomical type

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