protection of electronic devices, i.e. computers, PLCs, microprocessor systems, etc. against electromagnetic disturbance and overvoltage in the electrical system.

OP-230 performs two security:
The advanced system overvoltage - type 3 (formerly Class D), which protects the device in the circuit, which is included in overvoltage protector. Special varistors operate both in the typical network clasp, as well as dangerous asymmetric threats clasp, which often occur simultaneously with over symmetrical. OP-230 absorbs a very high pulse clasps with extremely short response time. Based on many years of experience in the design of electronic devices and their use has allowed to create a product with high technical parameters. The application, not as usually one or three, but six warystors creates a double degree of ultimate security.
Triple interference filter  - specially designed passive system of reactors, largely eliminates the distortion of radio and industrial products. This is a symmetric filter. At the same time blocks the interference coming from the electric power grid, and vice versa - interference from the user equipment (stove, microwave, computer, pulsed power supplies, etc.) are not allowed into the mains. The protector' filter  is a  structure of four  terminals ( the system with four terminals - a pair of terminals act as an input, the second exit), which passed without suppression or damping of the small voltage and currents of a certain frequency band, and to stifle underlying tensions and currents outside this band. Filters are used primarily in electronic devices and energy. Placed between the power source and the receiver is such that the receiver gets the signal of a desired frequency spectrum.

Technical data

standard no. IEC 61643-1:2001
protection class D
rated voltage 230V AC
rated current 10A
rated frequency 50Hz
maximum stable working voltage 255V
protection level L(N)→PE <1KV
actuation time <25ns
additional protection 10A gL/gG or C10A
inductans 1mH per channel
leakage current 0,5mA
capacitanceL→N 880nF
capacitance L(N)→PE 2,2nF
electromagnetic interference damping capacity >85dB
connection screw terminals 2,5mm² 
working temperature -25÷50°C
dimensions 3 modules (52,5mm)
weight 170g
fixing on rail TH-35

Overvoltage protector

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