CLI-02 is a programmable, multifunction electronic meter enabling the counting of external pulses in 0 to 99 999 999 range (or using an internal divider up to 99 999 999 999). Pulses are counted according to an individual program, set by the user. After reaching the limiting value, the meter will configure itself according to individual user's needs.


Technical data

supply 24÷264V AC/DC
T input voltage  low state 0÷5V AC/DC
T input voltage  high state 10÷264V AC/DC
maximum frequency for DC signal <5kHz
maximum frequency for AC signal <50Hz
RESET input voltage 24÷264V AC/DC
contact 1P
maximum relay load current 8A
power consumption 1,5W
working temperature -20÷50°C
connection screw terminals 2,5mm²
dimensions 3 modules (52,5mm)
fixing on rail TH-35

Programmable pulse meter

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