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Output power 25W.


Type Output voltage
Output current
ZT-1 5V DC 3A
ZT-2 12V DC 2A
ZT-4 24V DC 1A


* Due to the high frequency power supply, some very sensitive radio or microprocessor can operate correctly. It is recommended that you install the filter OP-230 LC filter or the like (preferably current compensated) between power supply and receiver.
* By increasing the load above Imax will stabilize power supply current and output voltage will decrease.
* The power supply is resistant to short-circuit.
* The power supply has a thermal fuse protection against overload above Imax. Due to long-term congestion power supply is automatically disconnected.


Technical data

input voltage 180÷264V AC
output power 25W
current limitation l max= 110% of output current
minimum load 0%
keying frequency 52kHz
working temperature -10÷40°C
connection screw terminals 2,5mm²
dimensions 6 modules (105mm)
weight 742g
fixing on rail TH-35

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